Shop Online!

Welcome to our online bread shop where there are no queues or need for social distancing!  

Simply place your order by 7 PM, any day between Sunday through Friday, give us 12 hours to bake your bread and your order will be packaged and ready for collection or delivery next day by 7 AM, or date of your choice.

If you choose to collect your order at any of our bread shop locations, simply provide your order number to our Sales Assistants when you arrive, pick up and pay for your order no later than 4 p.m. Orders not picked up before 4 p.m. will be released for sale.

If you choose to have your order delivered, varied rates apply for deliveries within Freetown via UNIMAX, with cut-off points at IMATT, Goderich and Kissy Shell.  See below:

Zone 1 – Central Business District (PZ-Congo Cross-Wilberforce)   -Le   5,000

Zone 2 – West (Murray Town – Lumley)                                                           -Le   7,000

Zone 3 – East (Eastern Police -Shell)                                                                  -Le 10,000    

Zone 4 – Hill Station – Regent                                                                             -Le 10,000

Zone 5 – Lumley Market – Goderich                                                                  -Le 10,000

Minimum order for delivery is Le 20,000. 

Cash is accepted, however we strongly encourage electronic payments via Africell Money, Orange Money or Rokel Simkorpor for orders for delivery. Regarding electronic payments, please process as soon as you have finished entering items in your cart, so that you can include the transaction ID in the appropriate box on the website.

If you are unhappy with any bread delivered, please get in touch with us immediately upon receipt of your order by calling 077-001944 or 078-001944

Thank you for shopping online! We are in this together.